Providing Your Own Material

We believe that slowing down fashion is essential for the survival of our planet. We don't want there to be any barriers to having a staple garment made. We believe that if a Customer gets exactly what they're looking for that they are more likely to rewear over and over the same garment.

With this in mind, Customers can provide their own material and have this delivered straight to our Atelier door. 


Send your material using tracked and secure postage to our Designer:

Maria Loria

c/o 65 Malago Drive

Bristol, United Kingdom, BS3 5DW

You will need at least 3.5 yards of material for dresses and gowns. Once you've placed your order, we will contact you to confirm the exact size of material needed for the design you have chosen. 

We do not accept any New 100% Polyester under any circumstance and ask Customers to avoid sending us any other new synthetic material. 

Our garments are designed in mind for vintage cotton, linen, organic textiles, vintage polycotton and jacquard textiles. 

Please contact us with any questions please send us a message using our Contact Us page