Our Textiles and Materials

Our textiles are all handpicked in the UK. We rework and repair vintage textiles so that they can be repurposed into beautifully tailored fashion items. 

Our primary textile is 100% vintage cotton and pre-loved 100% cotton

Other textiles we occasionally source are made from vintage:

50% cotton, 50% polyester 

100% Silk 

Vintage Viscose mixed threads

Textiles that we will never use are: 

100% New Polyester

The exception:

We avoid sourcing 100% Vintage Polyester unless the print is just too incredible to ignore or unless a Design requires a lightweight fabric. On this rare occasion we only use Vintage or discarded Polyester. 

As a Slow fashion Brand Customers that provide their own textile can provide any fabric with the exception of 100% New Polyester. We accept all other fabrics, including recycled Polyester. 

We occasionally source UK deadstock for bespoke Customer Designs in small end of production batches, typically never in more than 10 meters long so that we retain our slow fashion ethos. We never source Polyester or synthetic deadstock.