Care Guide

The majority of our vintage and Limited Edition textiles are made from vintage cotton. Occasionally, we find incredible prints originally made for the purpose of upholstery of which we repurpose for tailoring. These textiles range from silk, cotton, viscose and polycotton.  


  • Handwash gently in lukewarm water with a small amount of fabric detergent and conditioner. Rinse thoroughly and hang outside to dry.
  • Do not wash in a washing machine. Vintage fabrics are uniquely delicate and should be handwashed or dry cleaned only.
  • We also advise Customers to air their garments outside or to steam their garment for minor marks or odours. This is the most sustainable method to care for your garment. 
  • To remove creases we advise a steamer on a low heat or iron on a low heat gently on repeat until creases diminish. Hanging your garment to dry is the most effective method to remove the majority of creases created after washing or cleaning.