Institute of Positive Fashion

CoutureToYourDoor is addressing the three pillars of Positive Fashion: Environment, People and Community & Craftsmanship

Environment: As a zero waste and circular brand, we use unwanted, 2nd seller and donated textiles and textiles that are already in existence. This means that we create an opportunity to repurpose textiles so that the need for new textiles will eventually be reduced.

People: We source everything from the UK and create everything in the UK. This allows us to be completely transparent. When we work with freelancers, and offer placements and internships we always pay the UK’s National Living Wage or higher. We are a diverse, equitable and inclusive brand in all areas of our people, the communities that we engage in and with the collaborations that we do with creatives, models, makeup artists, photographers and students.   

Community & Craftsmanship: We offer people the opportunity to learn vital sewing and creative skills across the UK through creative paid for internships, placements and collaborations.