Our Textile Vault

We seek out and handpick quintessential vintage prints and vintage reworked prints to create statement garments. We select textiles that consist of the structure and weight needed to give a tailored finish to each garment. 
Customers can also provide their own textile and have this sent directly to our Atelier for their garment to be created in the exact pallet they desire.
Here's a preview of our Vault.
Each print has been Copywritten by the original vintage owner and is not permitted to be reproduced, making the print even more rare. For vintage prints, we typically find between 2-4 yards of each print.
Limited Edition Prints are one-of-a-kind, once a print is gone it won't be restocked, so you had better be quick.
Here's some of our fav finds
Vintage materialVintage materialVintage materialVintage material